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Welcome to Christ Church Preschool – An Early Childhood Ministry. It is our goal to help each child who is enrolled at our school develop self-esteem, self-confidence, independence, social, personal and academic skills in a loving, child-centered, Christian environment. Our teachers are the best in the field; instilling creativity, supporting curiosity, allowing children to be imaginative and teaching the love of God in many different ways. Our program is open to all. We encourage diversity in our looks, ways, beliefs and learning styles. Children enrolled in our program leave with a sense of confidence, ready to face the “big school” of Kindergarten academically and socially.

*The Infant and Toddler program provide loving, nurturing care, allow children to be social, introduce children to art, and create age and developmentally appropriate learning activities. As professionals, we consciously strive to create new programs and activities that are highly stimulating advancing the children’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development as well as their language and communication skills.

**The 2-year-old program offers programs from 3 days on a part time basis through full time year round classes. These classes offer children an organized structured day, providing time for chapel, inside circle and center time as well as outdoor play. This aged child is learning to be social, playing with friends and learning shapes, colors, counting and learning how to sit and listen to a story.

***The 3-year-old program offers programs from 3 days on a part time basis through full time year round classes. By this age, we do encourage children to attend more days as this gets them more ready for their Pre-K experience. Our three-year-old classes are using the calendar to learn days of the week, months of the year, seasons and counting. Children look forward to a daily job, reviewing their colors, alphabet, numbers and shapes. Many social skills are being learned; taking turns, following directions, using their words and walking in line are the highlights.

****The Four-year-old Pre-K program prepares the children for Kindergarten. We participate in the State Funded Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program. This program pays for 540 hours a year for your child to attend a Pre-K program. Parents must obtain the State Certificate of Eligibility for VPK prior to the start of the new school year in August.

The Pre-K classes continue to review numbers, colors, and shapes and begin to touch upon more sophisticated concepts of science and social studies. We are teaching the letters, how to write them, upper and lower case, and how they sound phonetically. We are now learning socially to play with our friends and walking quietly in lines around the school.

Our classes are developmentally appropriate, child centered and created to build independence. We have computers in the room for our VPK to access Internet educational games and activities, as well as learning from our downloaded software programs.

Chapel – All children attend chapel once a week. Here they sing, pray and listen to a bible lesson.

Music – All children receive music lessons every other week.

Crafts and Cooking – All extended care children receive a weekly cooking class connected to their class curricular theme.

Spanish – All extended care children receive a weekly Spanish class connected to their class curricular theme.

Summer Camp – Summer Camp offers students fun activities that revolve around special themes. Outside play, water fun, bounce houses, games, cooking and many more activities fill the children’s day. They continue to attend weekly chapel during the summer.


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